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An Introduction to Web Development

Modern businesses can’t survive without a website and/or mobile application. Businesses compete in every industry, from hospitality to retail, manufacturing, and education by creating high-quality websites and apps.

A mobile app and website for your business are a must-have today because of the wide reach and visibility they offer. It is important to have a high-quality website when you are considering building one or updating an existing one.

So who makes these applications and websites?

Many entrepreneurs have taken up web design and development. This has been made possible by the emergence of many DIY platforms that allow individuals to experience this process firsthand. The end result is often not what people expected.

Companies that specialize in web development are often the one’s enterprises turn to for help. Full-service web development companies often have a team consisting of web designers, coders, managers, web designers, and marketing professionals. They work closely alongside their clients to realize their website and mobile app goals.

What Do Web Development Companies Usually Do?

Web development companies are responsible for the design, creation, maintenance, and ideation of websites and other applications. Let’s take a look at this:

Website development services

There are many different styles and sizes of websites, as you can see from the millions of sites for businesses on the internet. A web design company can customize a website to fit the needs and preferences of each business. Websites today are built using a mobile-first approach, which is a departure from the web designs of the past decade. This means that your website is designed for handheld devices and then converted for easy access on a PC or laptop. There are many factors that influence how a web company approaches creating your business website.

The type of business (B2C/B2B)

  • The industry or domain in which you are active
  • Your target audiences and geographic areas
  • Your budget for web design and maintenance
  • Mobile application development services

Mobile-first thinking is becoming a necessity for business owners. Studies and trends show that mobile users spend most of their time using their smartphones. Applications are made primarily for mobile use just as websites. 

These factors will determine the outcome of app development.

  • Platforms that you would like to make your business apps available (iOS or Android, etc.
  • Type of industry and type of business
  • Target group demographics
  • The purpose of the application
  • Your budget to build and maintain your app

A web development company will usually help you to build an app and/or a website. They engage in the following activities.

  • The ideation and freezing of the framework, architecture, or navigation
  • You can choose a coding language to build your site or app (HTML/PHP, JavaScript/ASP, etc.).
  • Programming the back end.
  • Integrating media elements, such as audio, images, or videos
  • Publishing content and optimizing according to best practices
  • At the front end, we are designing the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience
  • Beta testing is a way to test the website or app before it goes live.
  • Problem identification and bug fixing
  • Perform speed and performance tests
  • Implementing codes, and going live
  • It is important to keep your online property updated and maintained on a regular basis

Your outsourcing partner will take care of many of the other steps in web development. A few companies will also design and build your site or app online using an online Content Management System (CMS), such as Joomla, WordPress, or Magento.

Web development companies work with clients and design teams to create websites and apps.

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